Maggie Coloured Jacket


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Maggie Suzani Jacket (with ‘Love’ on the back) features a cotton canvas jacket with our significant Suzani embroidery. The jacket has pockets at front and buttons at center front placket. On our Maggie Suzani Jacket the Indian Suzani inspiration is present in our embroidery designs where traditional Indian motifs have been mixed with universal and contemporary symbols as hearts, LOVE, and poppy flowers.

This Suzani item is not only full of beautiful colors – the embroidery is also made by hand. The Suzani embroidery is made by Indian artisans, using the tambour to create a unique and vivid Suzani embroidery pattern. The name “Suzani” comes from the Persian word “su-zan,” meaning needle. The Indian artisans use a hooked needle instrument called a tambour to create the intricate chain stitching that is the hallmark of Suzani embroidery. When buying our Suzani embroidered styles, you are supporting local artisans and traditional Indian handcraft.

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