Mellow Black Boots

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Product Details

The desire to create softer and bouncier shoes drove Sang-min to explore lower-density materials which presented a challenge: their durability. She then decided to divide Mellow’s outsole into two parts, a bottom one that is sturdy, and an upper one that is much softer than usually found and that is designed to collapse, absorbing the shock when walking.

Mellow Waboo is a playful take on the traditional desert boot. Made from genuine shearling matched with Nappa leather, its shaft is just above the ankle bone, a practical choice for cooler areas.


Height: 55mm

Comfort: These ankle boots adapt to your feet thanks to their ergonomic technology. Its diamond-shaped padded insole offers additional support to the arch of the foot, providing an experience of maximum comfort combined with a modern design.

High quality: It has an ultra-light sole that makes the shoes so comfy. Even though it’s lightweight, the impact of walking is absorbed and this guarantees a shoe that will last.

Sustainability: The leather that we use for our footwear has a tanning treatment that pollutes less than the usual tanning processes and achieves much more breathable leather as a result. Our leather suppliers are certified by the Leather Working Group, the largest leather sustainability program in the world.

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